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23.11.2013 President`s working visit to Zhambyl region continues
The head of the country continues his working visit to Zhambyl region. Nursultan Nazarbayev has visited the excavations of the ancient city of Taraz today.

11.11.2013 Astana conference draws kazakh, russian heart doctors

Young cardiologists from Kazakhstan and Russia came together in Astana to discuss new treatments for heart disease in children advanced techniques in cardiac surgery.

10.04.2013 Astana opens training centre for cardiac surgeons

From now on Kazakhstan surgeons have a chance to master their skills for the implementation of complex surgeries with the help of a simulator, since Astana has officially opened a Medtronic medical training centre.

11.03.2013 Soluble stent implantation
A unique operation has been carried out on the premises of the Almaty Multi-Field Clinical Hospital.

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