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Astana Holds the First International Implantation of Total Artificial Heart Astana, Kazakhstan, 06 December 2017


Over 80 thousand people around the world require a heart transplant yearly, and only 5000-6000 surgeries of heart transplant are annually performed. In this regard active scientific projects and innovation solutions in creating artificial heart are currently at work in a number of countries. French bioengineers managed to break through in this field. САRМАТ specialists team in cooperation with the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company created a total artificial heart.

On October 19, 2017 the National Research Centre for Cardiac Surgery hosted the first surgery of implanting a new artificial heart outside France as part of the international trial involving five countries, including Kazakhstan. The surgery was successfully performed by the team of professionals of the National Research Centre for Cardiac Surgery guided by the Head of the Centre Yuriy Pya.

Artificial heart implant was performed on a 60-year old patient suffering from severe chronic heart failure in terminal stage. The patient stayed in the hospital for over 4 months due to his critical condition with no possibility of discharging and already having contraindications to implanting a left ventricular assist device (LVAD) and heart transplant as well. Implanting a total artificial heart was the only opportunity to save his life. Currently the patient recovered in full and his condition is stable; he took the full course of postoperative recovery and is getting ready to be discharged.

Performing such unique surgery became possible due to high professional competence of domestic surgeons and the development of САRМАТ artificial heart in cooperation with the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company.

The modern science stepped into a completely new stage and most importantly it will help to save human lives.

For reference:

CARMAT SA is a French company which developed a total artificial heart in cooperation with the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company, designed to support both cardiac ventricles of patients with cardiac failure in terminal stage. CARMAT aims at solving the problems associated with cardiac diseases being the main cause of death all over the world: acute and chronic heart failure. Developing the artificial heart elaboration CARMAT focuses on reducing the number of critical patients on the heart transplant list, those suffering from cardiac failure.

«National Research Cardiac Surgery Centre» JSC is the leading one in the Central Asian region. The Centre unites all trends of current cardiology, cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology.

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