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Service quality

The patient is the principal and central figure in our center. Center strives to meet the patient’s needs through continuous quality improvement and patient-oriented system creation, the purpose of which is to ensure the real conditions and mechanisms to maximize the patient’s and his/her family’s rights in the Center. Center respects the patient’s fundamental rights:

· Preventive measures right;

· Access right;

· Information right;

· Consent right;

· Free choice right;

· Privacy and information confidentiality right;

· The patient's timerespect right;

· Quality standards right;

· Safety right;

· The right to access to the latest advances in the health field;

· Individual treatment right;

· The right to review any complaints to the clinic administration with a guarantee of a written response receipt.

As a result of the patient-oriented system realization:

o Patients receive care in partnership with well-coordinated team of medical professionals who value, respect and act in accordance with the objectives, needs, importance, preferences, culture and other factors identified by patients (and their families).
o Patients and their families are able to receive evidence-based, cost-effective, qualitative and safety medical care, improving their health, eliminating discomfort and free from possible errors.

o Patients and their families are able to receive and understand medical information and medical services and make appropriate decisions for their health.