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Mission, seeing, main strategic principles, goals

Improving the health of patients with cardiovascular diseases, we contribute to an increase in the expected life expectancy.
Leading Cardiac Center in the Central Asian region with the relevant international quality standards, level of medical care and service.

Strategic objectives:
  • To form a pool of highly qualified personnel prepared for scientific and educational activities by international standards;
  • To increase profitability and ensure adequate funding;
  • To create a patient-oriented system of medical care;
  • To improve the efficiency of hospital management and performance of the activities of clinics;
  • Scientific-innovation activities competitive at the international level;
  • To become a clinical basis of the Nazarbayev University Medicine School complying with the world standards;
  • To ensure an effective transfer of technologies in the health care system of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • To become a leading supplier of health services in Central Asia and the CIS.

DSC_0521.jpgKey policy guidelines
Patient focus:
Provision of medical services on the basis of excellence and respect for the dignity of each patient to ensure the quality, safety and convenience for patients and visitors.


Cardiac Center will be the clinical base of the Nazarbayev University, thus contributing to the new formation of medical staff and ensuring a process of continuous education at all levels of the professional activities.

International quality standards:

Compliance in all aspects of health care with the best international quality standards of health services.

Ensuring competitiveness at the global level, integration into the international Scientific-and-clinical and educational community, and access to international health care market.

Continuity and complexity:
Providing all levels and types of health services at the level of international standards.

Social responsibility:
Work for the benefit of not only patients, but also of the population in general - the preservation and improvement of health, improving the quality of life.

Financial stability:
Activity is not for the sake of gain, but with the provision of adequate financial return for the further development and support of academic activities.

Transparent management:
Ensuring transparency of the activities of clinics, including access of the general public to complete and accurate information.