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Mission, seeing, main strategic principles, goals

Mission, seeing, main strategic principles, goals


By improving health of patients with cardiovascular diseases, we contribute to increasing life expectancy of the population.


Leading research cardiac surgery clinic in Central Asia that operates according to the international standards of quality and patient safety, based on the integration of practice, science, education and innovative approach.


Strategic Directions:

  1. Improvement of access to quality medical services
  2. Improvement of the efficiency of healthcare system
  3. Advancement of research and education system, and innovative technology implementation

Main Principles:

  • Patient Orientedness: Provision of medical services based on high professionalism and respect of each patient’s dignity, ensuring quality, safety and comfort for patients and visitors.
  • Academia: The Center contributes to the development of new healthcare workforce formation, and to the provision of continuous training process on all levels of professional engagement.
  • International Quality Standards: Compliance with the best international medical care quality standards in all aspects of medical services.
  • Competitiveness: Ensuring worldwide competitiveness, integration into the area of international clinical research and academia, entry into international market of healthcare service provision.
  • Comprehensiveness: Providing medical services of all levels and types according to international standards.
  • Social Responsibility: Working for the benefit of not only patients, but the whole population, preservation and improvement of health and quality of life.
  • Financial Sustainability: Provision of adequate financial return for further development and sustaining academic activity.
  • Transparency: Ensuring transparency of performance and provision of access to complete and accurate information.