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About Heart center

DSC_0317.JPGJSC “National Scientific Cardiac Surgery Center” was established by the order of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev and opened the doors on October 12, 2011.
JSC “National Scientific Cardiac Surgery Center” is the leading Cardiac Surgery Organization in Central Asia offering medical services and high-quality service.
In the Center, there are 6 surgical and two intensive care units for 36 beds with the round-the-clock monitoring of life support. Bed capacity of the Center makes 200 beds.

Medical care
The Center delivers medical care on following directions:
  • Cardiology;
  • Cardiac surgery;
  • Intervention cardiology;
  • Intervention arrythmology;
  • Rehabilitation;
  • Radiodiagnosis (Ultrasonography, Roentgen, Echocardiography, MRT, MSCT);
  • Laboratory diagnostics.
Clinical directions
The main clinical directions of the Center are:
  • Treatment of the congenital and acquired heart diseases;
  • Coronary heart disease;
  • Heart failure;
  • Cardiac rhythm disturbance.
Center’s achievements
JSI.jpgUnique achievements of the Center are carrying out implantation of devices of assist circulation (VAD) and transplantation of heart.
From October 20 to October 23, 2014 the Center successfully underwent a checkup by the Commission, and received the official letter of the Joint Commission International about accreditation according to the international standards.

Medical equipment
To render the stationary help the Center is equipped with modern diagnostic and medical equipment, such as
  • Biplane angiographic system “ARTIS zee biplane”,
  • Angiographic system “ARTIS zee floor”,
  • Surgical lamps on light-emitting diodes “iLED”,
  • Artificial blood-circulation apparatus “Stockert S5”,
  • Ultrasonic devices for heart research.
National brand
The Center is developed as the national brand in cardiac surgery combining the Kazakhstan identity, the best international model of health care and scientific practice. In this direction partners of the Center are the leading clinics of Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, Turkey, the USA and Israel.

Professional approach to matter in a complex with a high level of responsibility allowed as a result to join the ranks of 22 best clinics where hi-tech cardiac surgeries are performed. Patients and partners are for a good reason proud of activity of the Center.